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Rio Eyelash Extension Kit is a special collection of eyelash extensions tools. It provides a complete set of tools that actually allows you to self-apply your own eyelash extensions. It comes in a handy case that is very portable and easy to store, occupying for little space. This is actually a semi permanent eyelash extension that is not only comfortable to wear but also very lightweight. With the Rio Eyelash Extension Kit, every woman can easily apply eyelash extensions at the comfort of their own home without requiring any professional help. It comes with user-friendly manual that facilitates this.

What Is Included In The Kit

The Rio Eyelash Extension Kit actually contains everything you need to apply eyelash extensions at the comfort of your home with minimal help. When you purchase this kit, you will find in the packaging 60 long extensions, 60 short extensions, 60 medium extensions, remover, glue, magnification mirror, eyebrow comb and brush, dipping dish, dusting brush, straight tweezers, shaped tweezers, puffer, DVD, eyelash curlers, cosmetic case and instruction manual.  With these tools, you don’t have to worry about wearing eyelash extensions. The instruction manual provides three easy to follows when applying the lash extensions.

Benefits Of The Kit

1)      The kit comes with several different tools and accessories that enable you perfectly wear eyelash extensions for perfect eye looks. When correctly applied, your eyes will have the natural look that enhances your overall beauty.

2)      The kit has ability to provide long lasting eyelashes with more defined natural looks. Ideally, your eyes will look larger and more beautiful.

3)      The compact and light design of Rio Eyelash Extension Kit makes it more portable and easy to carry. You can actually carry this kit anywhere to wear the eyelash extensions.

4)      It comes with a very simple and easy to follow instruction manual. The manual only has three step by step procedures to follow. The steps are comprehensive to give optimal results.

5)      This special eyelash extension is beneficial for adding both volume and length to your natural eyelashes. This makes the lashes grow longer and thicker to the desired level for enhancing beauty.

6)      The Rio Eyelash Extension Kit is very quick and easy to apply. You don’t have to spend several hours wearing the eyelash extension when using this special kit.

Pros And Cons

  • Pros

1)      It is very easy to apply and looks natural once applied

2)      It looks great once applied

3)      It comes with plenty of equipment for applying the eyelashes

4)      It has a perfect storage box

5)      The kit itself is lightweight thus very portable

6)      You don’t feel the weight of the eyelash extensions once applied

  • Cons

1)      Its glue is too thick

2)      It is sometimes hard to apply by self

3)      The eyelash extensions don’t last longer


This is not just an ordinary kit as you may think. The Rio Eyelash Extension Kit provides more that what you can imagine that actually empowers you to ear eyelash extensions comfortably at home. With an easy to follow instruction manual, you don’t have to bother eyelash extension technicians. The kit includes up to 180 eyelash extensions ranging from long, medium, to short ones to suit a diverse range of needs. You wear any type of eyelash extension as long as it suits your special interest and enhances your eye beauty. The kit is quite affordable and you can purchase one today from your nearby beauty store.

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